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GC Rakiscats Valin
2010 CFA National Third Best LH Oriental


GC Rakiscats Lady Pari
2008 CFA National Third Best LH Oriental


CH,BW Rakiscats Lady Chani
2005 CFA National Best LH Oriental


GC Rakiscats Lady Dortujla
2000 & 2001 CFA National Second Best LH Oriental


GC Rakiscats Jafa Muzzafar
2001 CFA National Third Best LH Oriental

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Links to older show reports: 2006 - 2008

2007-2008 Show Season (continued)

!!!!!! END OF 2007-2008 SHOW SEASON !!!!!!

2008-2009 Show Season

!!!!!! END OF 2008-2009 SHOW SEASON !!!!!!

2009-2010 Show Season

!!!!!! END OF 2009-2010 SHOW SEASON !!!!!!

See the CFA Show Schedule for a complete list of upcoming shows.

Codes: BOB = Best of Breed; 2BOB = 2nd Best of Breed; BCH = Best Champion of Breed; BABCH = Best Allbreed CH; 2BABCH = 2nd Best AB CH; 3BABCH = 3rd Best AB CH; BSHCH = Best Shorthair CH; 2BSHCH = 2nd Best SH CH; 3BSHCH = 3rd Best SH CH; BPR = Best Premier of Breed; BABPR / 2BABPR / BSHPR / 2BSHPR = Best Allbreed Premier, etc. *missed/absent one or more rings **in one ring only ***present one day only

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