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Rakiscats cattery was established in 1985 for the purpose of breeding red and tortoiseshell Oriental Shorthairs (and Siamese--or Colorpoint Shorthairs--in the same colors, i.e., red points and tortie points). In 1987 we added a shaded silver Oriental Shorthair program, and in 1990 we started an Oriental Longhair program, again specializing in reds and shaded silvers. Today we are concentrating on the shaded silver longhairs and silver lynx point Balinese.

Cathy could be a professional cat photographer in her spare time (what spare time!?!?) so this website has lots of photos for you to view. The JPGs/GIFs are usually under 50Kb in size. Unless otherwise noted, all photos are used with the permission of and copyrighted by Cathy Galfo, Chanan, Paradox or Nalan, and all rights are reserved.


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